Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Solar Energy that is not powered by the Sun

     I am often asked "should I get solar now or should I wait?"  The answer depends on many different variables.  The primary one, of course, has to do with "money".  Back in the day, local utilities provided solar incentives up to $5.00 per watt.  Now, those very incentives are below a buck.  The upside is that the equipment costs have been reduced because of the "free market" that was germinated by the above market solar incentives provided by the utilities.  Now we are at the point where the market has pretty much bottomed out.    

     So, where is the solar industry headed?  Well, solar energy will no longer be powered by the sun, but rather by things called Renewable Energy Certificates (REC's), Feed in Tariffs and assorted tax credits.  The days of getting green, as in cash, will be gone.  So, you tell it better to get solar now or wait later?

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